“I can’t tell you how excited we are to have this School Quality data and for the opportunity to partner with SEN. We think the process  and data are high quality and will lead us to better student outcomes.”

Co-Executive Director @ Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnership

“Without SEN, we would very much still be struggling–as a district–to find a common language, to find a common path forward, to have insights into what to do next. I think a lot of SEN’s influence stems from the common experience and relationships that have been built between Principals and Master and Lead Teachers.”

Chief Schools Officer @ the Educational Achievement Authority of Michigan

I feel that the sessions overall were extremely beneficial and I have a very strong new school plan. Actually, I have never been this prepared going into a new school before.” 

Even in tough times, the SEN coaches provided spaces for difficult conversations and encouraged us to keep equity in mind with our school design elements.”

“The most important thing I have learned is taking the vision to the details—ensuring results, not just intentions. I’ve learned that my main job is to ensure a quality written task that is enacted at the level written in the classroom. I have to create a mission, vision, pedagogical priorities, and core values that help teachers to not lower the level of the task in all of the instructional decisions they make during class.”

New School Development Fellows (Cohort 2019-20) @ the Texas Education Agency

The scaffolded PD that evolved and built of previous learnings really built [NSDF fellow] up. Her experience with NSDF got her ready & confident to lead her own school. [Fellowship] [c]reated for her a new passion; maybe reignited passion for this work. I really do believe by watching her grow [that] the program makes someone so much more prepared.

Chief Innovation Officer (Cohort 2019-20) @ the Texas Education Agency

“Compared to any other leadership program that I’ve done, they have by far been the ones that have helped me grow the most.

Small Learning Community Leader @ Denby High School

“Our SEN coach has done a phenomenal job; Model and Lead Teachers have had several ‘light-bulb moments’ and I am confident the sharing of their continued training will positively impact other teachers in their buildings.”

Director of Curriculum & Instruction @ Natchitoches Parish

“[Our SEN coach] was wonderful…, [fellows] often spoke about how much they valued her coaching, and I appreciated the opportunity to work with and learn from her as well.”

Principal @ UP Education Network