Mohamad Maarouf (Program Director)

In partnership with schools in Dallas/Fort Worth, New Orleans, Selma, Baltimore, and more, Mohamad has provided instructional leadership training and hands-on coaching support for campuses covering the K-12 spectrum. Previously, Mohamad served as principal of a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon high school campus, where he implemented mastery grading, restorative practices, and an AP For All culture, which led to doubling the number of AP exams taken (from ~350 to ~700) while increasing the number of passing scores by 8%. Mohamad has had the honor of earning a Top Texans Under 30 award, Bachelor’s Degree from Duke University, and master’s in education from the University of St. Thomas and serving as a New Leaders Council Fellow, Teach for America corps member, and Leadership for Education Equity member. Outside of being an educator, Mohamad enjoys reading books, traveling, dancing, and trying new foods.